Tuesday, May 14, 2013


  Well...alrighty then!! Wow...for a playoff round that seemed to be pretty much cut and dry, round 1 sure gave us many twists and turns and a boat load of surprises. Series that should have gone 7 games were over quick, ones that should have been quick went 7, teams that should have advanced are clearing out lockers...one unbelievable comeback / collapse...and so on. Even though my picks left me at .500 and my bracket is totally screwed...I enjoyed every moment of action!! Now taking my humbled record of 4 - 4 into Round 2...I will try to redeem myself and keep in mind that one of the beautiful things about the playoffs is that anything can truly happen. With that said...on to my Round 2 picks.

The Hawks rolled right through the first round just as they did during the regular season, but have now been idle waiting. The Wings just seem to always find another gear come post seasonand their top guys are leading the charge. The Hawks may get a slow start out of the gate as the Wings ride the momentum train from round 1, but look for Chicago to wake back up quickly. If this series becomes a battle of goaltenders or timely scoring give the edge to the Hawks. The train will keep rolling but they will have to clear the track of debris which won’t be easy.CHICAGO in 6

The sleeping giants awoke in round 1 as the defending champs came roaring back to win 4 straight. The Sharks breezed through the first round with masterful use of their depth down the middle. These two teams match up pretty evenly and this series will be a tight hard fought battle. I see no blow out games in this one...one goal decisions and plenty of overtime. Yes folks, this one could go either way, but since I didn’t expect the Kings to be here now...gotta go with the Sharks. SAN JOSE in 7

Hmmmm...trouble brewing in paradise? Will the real M.A-F. show up? The depth guys stepping up to get you past the 8 seed? Is there really a wrench caught in the machine? Well it seems no one is talking about it...but the Sens sure hope the Pens have some inner termoil happening. Only don’t count on it my friends...no matter how you slice it, this Penguins team is stacked. Ottawa can hope for implosion all they want but they won’t find this group rolling over as easy as the Habs did for them. Even with a return of Spezza they can’t match the offenseand muckery won’t work against this club it will only open the door to more power play chances for their big guns. Anderson will perhaps steal a game or two standing on his head...but don’t bet on it. The Pens will roll. PITTSBURGH in 5

This is going to be a tough series to call. Both these clubs are prone to playing well just as much as they can play poorly. Both goaltenders can shut teams down and have off nights. They each can score at will and struggle to put pucks in the net. Both are physical and play best when crashing and bangingThis one could go either way, but since I have to pick one...going to have to go with the home ice team because this one could go seven...or maybe not...jeez...hate this pick...no warm and fuzzy feeling either way...ummmm...okay...damn it!! NEW YORK RANGERS in 7

Monday, May 13, 2013


  With Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs almost in the books and before I make my second round picks, thought I’d have a bit of fun handing out some Round 1 Awards.


The “IS THAT HAPPY GILMORE?” award goes to...
JOHNNY BOYCHUK – For having a tremendously heavy shot that goes 15 feet wide of the net in any given direction...keeps everyone but the goalies guessing.

P. K SUBBAN – For his uncanny ability to prove to his teammates that it IS all about him and playing shorthanded means more open ice...right?

The “WAIT...WHAT? THE PLAYOFFS STARTED?” award goes to...
THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS  For their failure to even show up against the Sharks...a whole lot of work to be done in B.C. this off-season....enough said.

OTTAWA AND MONTREAL – For their Game 2 melee that left more coaches and trainers on the bench than players to finish the game.

The “EDWARD E. NEWMAN – WHAT...ME WORRY?” award goes to...
LOS ANGELES KINGS – For spotting the Blues 2 games before showing the poise of defending champs by winning 4 straight to advance to round 2. No sweat...right?

The “THANK YOU KESSEL / TYLER CHANT” award goes to...
BOSTON BRUINS FANS – For...well...just because their version simply makes more sense than Toronto fans version.

The “ATTA-BOY” award goes to...
TJ OSHIE – For taking a shot to the skate in the defensive zone, sucking up the pain and staying on the ice in order to join the rush on one leg and potting his 2nd goal of the night passed Jonathan Quick.

The “WE SPENT HOW MUCH?...FOR THAT?” award goes to....
MINNESOTA WILD – For their $200 million one and done playoff effort...ummmm...wow!

The “...GOTTA WEAR SHADES” award goes to...
NEW YORK ISLANDERS – For one hell of an effort gaining some valuable playoff experience...yes...the future is bright.

The “HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN” award goes to...
ST. LOUIS BLUES – For having the Kings on the ropes and then completely forgetting how to score...or finish. It’s a 60 minute game boys...just sayin’.

The “TRAIN KEPT-A-ROLLIN” award goes to...
CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS  For continuing to dominate everything in their path...wow...fun to watch!!

The “BIG DEAL...NO BIG DEAL” award goes to...
COREY PERRY – For showing up to sign that big contract and then not showing up for the post season laying goose eggs against the Wings. What was that noise?..Did someone step on a Duck?

The “I OWN A CANNON BUT I’M AFRAID TO USE IT” award goes to...
ZDENO CHARA – For consistently lobbing weak wristers at the net from the point and passing up the shot when he has the lane. Big Z...your slap shot scares the bejesus outta guys...use it!!! Jeez.

Monday, April 29, 2013


   Now that the matchups are set in the East, it's time for GREGSKY'S PLAYOFF PICKS. Again, just going with my gut on these picks...letting that silly monkey throw her poop at the spinning wheel and do the antic thing...not me...not this time...not going to let any little primate rattle me!!

As glad as I am to see the kids on Long Island gain some much needed playoff experience, they unfortunately drew the short straw this year. Facing a monster roster in the Pens will be an experience alright, but one the Islanders will want to soon forget. I liken this matchup for the kids to getting into a fight with a buzzsaw. PITTSBURGH in 5

This series could go either way. Both clubs have been banged up a bit and have relied on kids to step up and produce. Looks like the Habs are a bit stronger in net and more potient on special teams. The Sens however can be punnishing physically. I see the Habs moving on to the next round, but definately not the easy way. MONTREAL in 6

The Caps are hitting all cylinders going into the post season and show no signs of slowing. The Rangers on the other hand, are not looking like a team ready for playoff action. The Blueshirts look sad on special teams and without Staal on the blueline lack the needed defense. Look for the Rangers to win a couple at home on their crappy ice with a few fluke goals, but the Caps should take this Ranger team to task. WASHINGTON in 6

Glad to see the Leafs back in the post season. With that said...we'll see you next year. As much as the Bruins have limped into the playoffs they are a much better team than the Leafs all around. It actually is a blessing in disguise that the B's drew this matchup. If they had any other opponent they would be one and done. Look for the Bruins to get their mojo and their nastiness back tuning up against Toronto. BOSTON in 6

Enjoy the first round my friends...we'll see how well I do against that damn monkey!!!

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Sunday, April 28, 2013


   Hey gang...it's time once again for Gregsky's Playoff Predictions!! Since the West is set today we'll focus there. Shooting straight from the hip and going with my gut on the picks this year given the nature of a shortened regular season. Speaking of nature...I'll let Maggie the Monkey jump up and down, throw her poop at the spinning wheel and do her thing...not going to pay her any mind or let her antics be a distraction this time out!! So let's get right to it...

For all the crazy money the Wild spent to stumble their way into the postseason, just doesn't smell like a team primed for a first round upset. Couple that with the fact the Hawks are so dominate, makes this pick an easy one. CHICAGO in 5

This series has all the markings of an upset. Ahhh...but that's not going to get me to bite!! I have a feeling that the bigger, stronger Ducks will be just too physical for the aging Wings to survive. Detroit will win a few behind the marvel of Datsyuk and Zettts, but will be finding it too hard to play the control game from the seat of their pants. ANAHEIM in 6

The Nucks are playing well and benifitted from the short season to win the division this year. The additions to the roster did give them much needed depth, but this series is where the upset will occur. The Sharks will take full advantage of the mistakes Vancouver will undoubtably make and punish them on the powerplay. SAN JOSE in 7

It would be easy to pick the defending champs to roll through the first round given that the team made very few changes since raising the cup. The thing about being champs in this league though is it's so difficult to repeat. The Blues, have had an up and down season, but are clicking at just the right time. Thinking their speed will outlast the physical play of the Kings and advance past the champs. ST. LOUIS in 7

   So there you have it folks...my picks for the first round in the West. Picks for the East will be coming next so be on the lookout for that. Now...I need more coffee...enjoy!!

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Monday, April 22, 2013


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Monday, July 2, 2012


If I had a hundred million dollars

If I had a hundred million dollars

Well, I’d play in your barn

I would play in your barn

And if I had a hundred million dollars

If I had a hundred million dollars

I’d wear the “C” in your barn

Maybe an “A” but I’d rather wear the “C”

And if I had a hundred million dollars

If I had a hundred million dollars

Well, I’d buy you a playoff seed

A nice top playoff seed

And if I had a hundred million dollars, I’d buy you a cup

If I had a hundred million dollars

I’d build you a dynasty in your barn

If I had a hundred million dollars you could watch

It will only cost you the farm

If I had a hundred million dollars

Maybe we could put a locker made of gold

In there somewhere

We could just go in the room and hang out

Like talk to the press and stuff

And there’d be lots of cameras pointed at me

Like I’d say all the usual and right things

They would eat me up like candy

I’d flash them my smile and they’d melt

Well, can you blame them?


If I had a hundred million dollars

If I had a hundred million dollars

Well, I’d buy fur seats for the fans

But not real fur seats, that’s cruel

And if I had a hundred million dollars

If I had a hundred million dollars

Well, I’d buy us a championship

Yep, like a division or a conference

And if I had a hundred million dollars

If I had a hundred million dollars

Well, I’d entice other free agents to play here

All them crazy free agents

And if I had a hundred million dollars, I’d buy you a cup

If I had a hundred million dollars

We wouldn’t have to fly first class anymore

If I had a hundred million dollars

We’d take a leer jet ‘cause it costs more

If I had a hundred million dollars

We wouldn’t have to eat hotel food

But we would eat hotel food

Of course we would, we’d just eat more

And buy really expensive wines with it

That’s right, all the fanciest French wines

If I had a hundred million dollars

If I had a hundred million dollars

Well I’d buy us third jerseys

But not real third jerseys, that’s cruel

And if I had a hundred million dollars

If I had a hundred million dollars

Well, I’d bring you some trophies

A President’s or a Stanley

If I had a hundred million dollars

If I had a hundred million dollars

Well, I’d buy you a new Zamboni

Haven’t you always wanted a new Zamboni?

If I had a hundred million dollars, I’d buy you a cup

If I had a hundred million dollars

If I had a hundred million dollars

If I had a hundred million dollars

If I had a hundred million dollars

If I had a hundred million dollars

I’d be Zach

Saturday, June 30, 2012


   As we approach the start of the free agent period on Sunday, I thought it would be fun to take a look into the crystal ball and use my amazing “Kreskin-like” abilities as a prognosticator to see just where some of the top free agents will be landing.

*DISCLAIMER* - Keep in mind that this exercise is intended for entertainment only. That means it is purely for fun and should not be used as a guide or strategy for any gambling purpose or money making endeavor. Especially since all predictions are made from someone suffering a coffee induced haze and all thoughts within are channeled through the brain of someone so hyped up on caffeine he can feel his hair growing.

Now on to the fun…

Ahh…yes…the picture is becoming clear…I see Alex Semin skating alongside Pavel Datsyuk…yes so it shall be…Semin becomes a Red Wing.

Hmmm…the crystal ball is still seeing red…it seems that the Wings are not done dipping into the pool…WOW!!! …what a splash!!! The Red Wings sign Ryan Suter!!!

Now I see that the Avs want to get in on the act…they snap up Juri Hudler in a quick move

What’s this? It seems that Sami Salo is now a Penguin…the crystal ball has shown this to be so

The Dallas stars so it seems…yes…it is the Stars pulling P.A. Parenteau from the pool

Uh-oh…so many tears…what can this possibly mean? Oh I see it clearly now…Zach stays a Devil

Oh my…say it’s not so…well it must be…the crystal ball wouldn’t steer me wrong…would it? It is telling me that Shane Doan is now in a Dallas Stars sweater!!!

Good news for Leafs Nation…Matt Carle signs with Toronto!!!

Looks like Ray Whitney is putting on a familiar sweater…nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina!!!

My crystal ball is showing me an old goat…what can this mean? Oh…I see it now…Jagr re-ups with Philly

The Avs are getting back into the fray…well…look at that…they sign Dustin Penner

Okay crystal ball…you have shown some interesting UFA signings…but can you show me any trades?

Yes…that’s it…well it’s a little fuzzy…can’t see the returns…but it looks like Rick Nash is wearing a Sens sweater…wait…something else is coming through…Luongo going back to the Panthers…wow…what’s this? …one more? …oh…okay…it looks like Bobby Ryan in a Rangers sweater

Well…the crystal ball has gone dark…I guess that’s as much “frenzy” as it is willing to show. I guess we will just have to wait and see how accurate these predictions come Sunday…here’s hoping your team snags everyone on your wish list.