Monday, April 22, 2013


  Hey hockey you may recall Gregsky's massive hockey autograph collection sold at auction last year. Now Gregsky's hockey card collection is going on the block!! The collection has been broken down into 12 different lots and spread across 4 consecutive auctions. The auctions are online only and run for approx a month each. The first auction is underway and each following Sunday another will start.

   Featured in these auctions are a starter card collection of approx 4500 cards of many stars and HOFers ranging in years from 1968-2000's. Several lots of stars and HOFers autographed. A collection of Wayne Gretzky autographed cards. Mario Lemieux and Ray Bourque autographed cards. A complete 60 card set of Topps 1954 with Gordie Howe autographed. And much more!!

   Go to Heritage Auctions website  and search for the following auction numbers and sub-category hockey:
Auction # 151320 - Apr. 21- May 19
Auction # 151321 - Apr. 28 - May 26
Auction # 151322 - May 5 - June 2
Auction # 151323 - May 12 - June 9

You can follow these links to view and bid now:

  Go view...Go bid...Go own a part or several of a great collection...Go enjoy...Go celebrate the great game we all love!!

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Deemomof3 said...

WHY IN GODS NAME ARE YOU SELLING YOUR SHIT ?!!!! You should pass it o your kids!!