Sunday, April 28, 2013


   Hey's time once again for Gregsky's Playoff Predictions!! Since the West is set today we'll focus there. Shooting straight from the hip and going with my gut on the picks this year given the nature of a shortened regular season. Speaking of nature...I'll let Maggie the Monkey jump up and down, throw her poop at the spinning wheel and do her thing...not going to pay her any mind or let her antics be a distraction this time out!! So let's get right to it...

For all the crazy money the Wild spent to stumble their way into the postseason, just doesn't smell like a team primed for a first round upset. Couple that with the fact the Hawks are so dominate, makes this pick an easy one. CHICAGO in 5

This series has all the markings of an upset. Ahhh...but that's not going to get me to bite!! I have a feeling that the bigger, stronger Ducks will be just too physical for the aging Wings to survive. Detroit will win a few behind the marvel of Datsyuk and Zettts, but will be finding it too hard to play the control game from the seat of their pants. ANAHEIM in 6

The Nucks are playing well and benifitted from the short season to win the division this year. The additions to the roster did give them much needed depth, but this series is where the upset will occur. The Sharks will take full advantage of the mistakes Vancouver will undoubtably make and punish them on the powerplay. SAN JOSE in 7

It would be easy to pick the defending champs to roll through the first round given that the team made very few changes since raising the cup. The thing about being champs in this league though is it's so difficult to repeat. The Blues, have had an up and down season, but are clicking at just the right time. Thinking their speed will outlast the physical play of the Kings and advance past the champs. ST. LOUIS in 7

   So there you have it picks for the first round in the West. Picks for the East will be coming next so be on the lookout for that. Now...I need more coffee...enjoy!!

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