Monday, April 29, 2013


   Now that the matchups are set in the East, it's time for GREGSKY'S PLAYOFF PICKS. Again, just going with my gut on these picks...letting that silly monkey throw her poop at the spinning wheel and do the antic thing...not me...not this time...not going to let any little primate rattle me!!

As glad as I am to see the kids on Long Island gain some much needed playoff experience, they unfortunately drew the short straw this year. Facing a monster roster in the Pens will be an experience alright, but one the Islanders will want to soon forget. I liken this matchup for the kids to getting into a fight with a buzzsaw. PITTSBURGH in 5

This series could go either way. Both clubs have been banged up a bit and have relied on kids to step up and produce. Looks like the Habs are a bit stronger in net and more potient on special teams. The Sens however can be punnishing physically. I see the Habs moving on to the next round, but definately not the easy way. MONTREAL in 6

The Caps are hitting all cylinders going into the post season and show no signs of slowing. The Rangers on the other hand, are not looking like a team ready for playoff action. The Blueshirts look sad on special teams and without Staal on the blueline lack the needed defense. Look for the Rangers to win a couple at home on their crappy ice with a few fluke goals, but the Caps should take this Ranger team to task. WASHINGTON in 6

Glad to see the Leafs back in the post season. With that said...we'll see you next year. As much as the Bruins have limped into the playoffs they are a much better team than the Leafs all around. It actually is a blessing in disguise that the B's drew this matchup. If they had any other opponent they would be one and done. Look for the Bruins to get their mojo and their nastiness back tuning up against Toronto. BOSTON in 6

Enjoy the first round my friends...we'll see how well I do against that damn monkey!!!

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