Monday, June 9, 2008


Now that the season has ended things here at Around The Rink will start to slow down to its off-season pace of around once a week. At this time I want to shout out a big Thank You to Miser for his great work and contributions to this site this year and look forward to working with him next season. I also want to thank everyone who checked out our blog over the past year and especially those who kept coming back. You are the reason we do this on top of our normal everyday life schedules, without you we are just talking hockey to ourselves. I do encourage everyone to respond to what they read by adding comments to the posts (not enough of you do this, you know who you are) we would love to hear what you have to say and carry on discussions about the topics. So don’t be shy (Lord knows I’m not) and let us know what you think about the game we all love.

This past season we had over 3800 new and unique visitors from 13 different countries stop by Around The Rink to expose themselves to the madness. Over 1200 of which came back for more, time and time again, adding to our growing number of regular visitors to the site. Thanks to that we have a steady growth rate and look forward to increasing that rate next year. With that in mind, Around The Rink will undergo a face-lift this summer in an attempt to make the site more visually pleasing to our readers as well as easier to manage.

Even though the season has come and gone, don’t forget to stop by Around The Rink from time to time over the summer, as the posts tend to get a little wilder, funnier and even more experimental. I’m sure to have a few things to say about the Draft, Free Agency, Offer Sheets, Salary Cap and the like. Things may be getting slower, but the madness here at Around The Rink never stops. Thank you all for making Around The Rink a part of your day, as you all make our day every day. Enjoy your summer one and all!

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