Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Please forgive me if I'm not getting that same warm and fuzzy feeling about this decision by the Tampa brass that some people are. If you are lucky enough to be too young to remember Barry's playing days, this move may have you saying "Wicked cool man, the Bolts just got that ESPN guy with the mullet to coach!" If you are like me and sat through many a game where Barry pretended to play defense, "wicked cool" most likely isn't your choice of words to express your opinion of the move. Unfortunately I just happened to have lived in L.A. when he was coaching the Kings, so I've had more than my fair share of Melrose exposure. I do wish the Bolts all the luck in the world going forward if this is what they think will work for them. At least the star players will be pampered, after all that's what makes a great hockey team right? Pampered superstars and a coach who loves the attention of the media should at least make for some "wicked cool" billboards. Whatever sells tickets, I guess. Go Bolts! Melrose Rocks!

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