Friday, June 6, 2008


Now that the season has ended, I wanted to take a moment to put down some final thoughts. I must warn you though, the coffee is strong this morning and I’m awake way too early so things may get a bit wacky. Buckle up Spanky it could be a bumpy ride.

A tip of the hat to Dallas Drake and Gary Roberts – thanks for the memories boys you have exemplified what it means to be a heart and soul kind of player – no regrets you have been champions your whole careers.

I hope Sean Avery takes the off-season to work on how to just play the game and put all of his bullshit antics on the shelf once and for all.

Hey Alex – are you still seeing that play in your nightmares? Maybe next time you’ll shoot the damn puck!

I don’t want to hear any more about how Euro’s are soft. Got it? Okay, let’s move on.

I don’t want to hear any more questions of Sidney Crosby’s heart and leadership skills – I think he proved enough this year to put an end to the speculation he can’t handle the load, he was truly special this post-season.

Why would Marion Hossa want to go anywhere else? Sometimes it’s not all about the money. Besides, Mario has a ton of it.

I hope the brothers Staal can keep from making the news with any drunken escapades this off-season.

I’ve never watched Tiger Woods do his thing and now I’m damn sure I never will – and watching that gay-assed Gillette commercial featuring the three gayest guys in all of sports doesn’t count – unless that’s his thing in which case I’ve seen it and I must say I’m not impressed. I hope Tiger Woods will remember – hockey fans don’t need him around anyhow.

If the new ownership of the Lightning actually thinks Barry Melrose is the answer – I will have to question every other move they make. I fear for you Bolts fans.

The only thing Malkin needs to work on this summer is his stamina. I hated watching him run out of gas right when he was needed most.

Someone please give Chris Osgood a bit of credit for stepping up when Hasek fell flat – he’s a hard working goalie who never seems to get any credit for being a number one net-minder. I think a couple of Cups speaks volumes.

Okay Bruins – you have a tough little team going – now will you please get a goal scorer to play alongside Savard. Murray just can’t bring it anymore and P.J. can’t hit the net.

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