Monday, August 6, 2007


Sometimes while surfing the net sniffing out scraps of news, I stumble upon reports that make me scratch my head. The latest one being the reports of the MLSE (Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment) being close to hiring Scotty Bowman as president of the Leafs. Not that the Leafs couldn’t use or would love to have Bowman on board, but really people, do you think Scotty is looking for that kind of work? His career is one of legend and he is still active as a league adviser and on several league committees committed to bettering the league as well as the HHOF selection panel. Not to mention, I’m sure that he is still tied in some aspect to the Wings as an advisor of sorts. So my question is where does this sort of report get its start? Well, in June Bowman was contacted by a representative of MLSE to offer him a job with the Leafs in which he apparently declined. The recent report gained steam when Bowman was spotted next door to the Maple Leafs arena. Only problem is he was next door at NHL headquarters at the request of Colin Campbell to be part of a panel aimed to discuss rule changes, NOT to revisit the Leafs offer. It seems that some in the Toronto media are so desperate to see major changes in the Leafs front office that any sighting spurs wishful thinking. I too wish the Maple Leafs will one day return to glory and as much as they have failed for so long now I understand the frustration of the media and fan base. What surprises me is the levels of desperation to have the Leafs a contender is so great that stories like the alleged Bowman signing gains steam. This upcoming season the Maple Leafs have a chance to make the playoffs with their off-season acquisition of Jason Blake (who should be just the scoring punch the team needs to put them over the top) and goaltender Vesa Toskala. Don’t forget that they just missed making the dance last year, so with Blake and Toskala added there is a good chance they will be in the mix this year. Once there, anything can happen. That should be enough hope for Leaf fans and local media to focus on, but unfortunately it isn’t. Montreal (you didn’t really think I wouldn’t mention them did you?) is in the same boat as Toronto as far as the media fishbowl and constant pressure to succeed. The difference between the two remains that the Montreal media is critical of the team and players, but accepts the direction where as the Toronto media is desperate to call for changes each year and any hint of new blood has them rushing to push the story. Okay, my rant is over. You can now return to your regular scheduled program and I will get another cup of coffee and continue surfing.

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