Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Here we go again, I’ve got a strong coffee buzz on and my thought process is too scattered to concentrate on one topic. So, as always when this happens, I will toss down my random thoughts (in between twitches), so you too can experience what it’s like living with my brain jacked up on coffee. Oh, lucky you.

Eddie Belfour signs with a Swedish club? Has he run out of bars in the U.S. that will tolerate his shenanigans? I wonder if he will offer any Swedish cops a million euros to let him go.

Scott Niedermayer’s going to retire….no, wait….he’s not….no, wait….he is….no, wait….he’s not….What the hell? I’m crazy enough without this kind of shit! I’m glad Scotty isn’t this indecisive when he has the puck.

I love the idea of the outdoor game between the Pens and Sabres; only I hope this year Buffalo doesn’t see the kind of snow they got hammered with last year. Get your shovels ready, just in case.

So what exactly are the lessons learned from the lost and recently found Stanley Cup ring of Jim Pappin? When you earn a ring, don’t give it to your father-in law? When someone gives you a Cup ring don’t wear it while diving? When you lose someone’s Cup ring while diving tell them that you lost it right away, don’t have it replicated and not tell him you lost it for ten or more years? When you find a lost Cup ring while treasure hunting return it without asking for a reward? I’m confused.

I guess my questions are….Would Steve Moore have made $20 million playing hockey? Todd Bertuzzi still makes money playing hockey, why?

What’s going on with the Flames? First Kiprusoff rejects a contract offer and wants to test the market next year, now Giordano rejects an offer and signs with a Russian team. Oh, yeah that’s right, I forgot, Mike Keenan.

Do the Sharks and Senators really think a more determined and fierce looking logo upgrade will be what it takes to succeed in the postseason?

The Hockey News released their list of the top 50 players in the NHL. This one is a head-scratcher. Just take a look and you will see what I mean.

Who will provide the most “bang” for the buck? Vanek, Penner or Parise? My pick is Parise.

Mental note: Don’t ever let Alex Kovalev ride your Harley.

Soon we will have two hockey arenas in the U.S. without a team (K.C. and Vegas). Can you say relocation anyone?

If Vegas gets a team in the near future, will they ask Rick Tocchet to be the GM? Just a thought.

Just spin the damn wheel to see where Peter Forsberg will be playing this year. The only thing that is certain with Forsberg is that he won’t be playing until December at the earliest. Which makes me wonder why any team would want to be on that wheel.

I mean really, is anyone shedding tears over the Cuthbert – Avery breakup? File this one in the “I didn’t care in the first place” folder.

What a sad day it will be when the NHL does away with goal judges.

The Crosby Collection? Come on Sid, did you really have to launch a clothing line? What’s next perfume? P.S. The pink sneakers are a bit much, don’t you think?

Normally I get at least a chuckle out of Mike Myers and his antics. But a movie starring Justin Timberlake portraying a L.A. King has got to rank among the worst ideas ever.

I hope they never ever play that Nike ad with Micheal Vick playing hockey with the Avs again.

Too bad there isn’t any hype in the U.S. about the Russia – Canada super series. The one that took place 35 years ago was a classic. It can be found on DVD, do yourselves a favor and get a copy.

Mike Peca wears a Blue Jacket….for now.

Free food and drink will be offered again for the fans at the Blues game versus the Predators. I guess you have to do something to get people through the gates.

There will never be another GM like Sam Pollock. He will be missed.

Will Mike Richter wear his goalie mask when he takes part in the New York marathon?

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