Friday, June 29, 2012


   Because my brain is scattered due to the amount of coffee I’m pouring down my gullet I guess now is a good time to revisit an old staple in GREGSKY’S RANDOM THOUGHTS…

Okay Kings…let’s not get the FBI involved in the search for the missing Stanley Cup winning puck…please

Will Sidney Crosby still be an elite player in the final years of that new contract extension or will he spend those years drooling in his oatmeal thinking how great it is to be Batman?

Just a thought…maybe Tim Thomas is a better fit in Toronto than Roberto Luongo…we all know how B.B. loves those American players

Justin Schultz better be as good as he thinks he is…I guess offer sheets isn’t the only loophole that needs closing in this next round of CBA talks…just sayin’

Who’s a better fit in Boston to round out the forward corps…Ray Whitney or Shane Doan?

Who’s a better fit in Carolina to round out the forward corps…Ray Whitney or Shane Doan?

Here’s hoping that Jonathan Quick isn’t the new Rick DiPietro

Here’s hoping that Cory Schneider isn’t the new Andrew Raycroft

Brad Richards posing nude…is that really necessary Brad? Really?? …’nuff said moving on

Sitting here wondering if Sunday will bring us a “frenzy” or a flop

Given the situation both teams are in…a deal highlighting swapping Nash for Ryan would be ideal…given that the Ducks aren’t on “Nash’s list” makes it improbable…so when the ransom for Nash weakens and he finally moves on…so should Howson

I love this year’s HOF class…so much talent…so many memories…so deserved

Best of luck to Adam Oates and Kirk Muller in their first full years at the helm…the Southeast will be fun to watch…can’t wait

Sitting here wondering if anyone will pick the Sharks…again

I love what you’re doing in St. Louis…keep it up

Sweet Lou will find a way to keep Zach in a Devils sweater…it’s a perfect fit

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