Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Just in case no one is saying it…this upcoming Stanley Cup Final series has the potential to be one of the greatest of all-time. There its been said. Now hold on Spanky, before you call for my head and remind me of all the great cup finals in the history books let me reassure you that I’m fully aware of the history of this sport and point out that I did say “potential” and “one of the greatest”. Now that I have the disclaimer out of the way…it’s on to the madness.

In my opinion, not since the ’82 – ‘83 and ’83 – ’84 cup finals have we seen so much talent on one ice surface fight for the cup. What we are about to see could have us flashing back (if you’re old enough to remember) even though the game has changed so much since then. Back then you had the experienced veteran team against the upstart kids. Shift after shift you had the best of the best hitting the ice from both benches, it seemed like there was a scoring chance every minute. This year’s final could give us the same feeling as both of these teams are capable of turning on the jets with a flick of a switch. The Penguins remind me of the high flying Oilers of the early 80’s and the Wings remind me of the great Islanders in the prime of their reign. Gretzky – Kurri, Bossy – Trottier, Messier – Anderson, Gilles – Tonelli, Coffey and Potvin, Fuhr and Smith sounds an awful lot like Crosby – Hossa, Datsuyk – Zetterberg, Malkin – Sykora, Franzen – Hudler, Gonchar and Lidstrom, Fleury and Osgood don’t you think? I’m just scratching the surface of this year’s combatants, there are many layers and many weapons laced throughout each roster that truly gives the feeling of something great brewing. That same feeling you get when you are witnessing history unfold before your very eyes. Search your feelings Spanky; you know this to be true. No, I’m not trying to lure you to the “Dark Side” or anything like that, I merely want to point out that whenever you put this much talent to the ultimate test of wills, the results could be phenomenal.

While we won’t see any Jedi hocus-pocus during the finals, we will be treated to some damn good hockey by the two best teams in the league. A match-up the likes of which hasn’t been seen for quite some time and one you shouldn’t miss a second of (the beers will wait for commercials). I can’t wait to see how it will all play out. We could very well get a little of everything that makes us love this game to our very core. Speed and transition, outstanding goaltending, crushing hits, shorthanded breakaways, monster power-plays, stingy defense, relentless offence and the potential of fisticuffs. Yes folks, this series could go down as one of the greatest of all-time so soak it all in and enjoy the all out assault on your hockey senses.

For those of you following my picks of this year’s playoffs, I’ll be posting my finals pick soon (in the next day or so) as I need a victory to top my record from last year. The pressure is on.

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