Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The coffee is strong, the eyes are tired, the brain is scattered and the fingers have a mind of their own. I’ve been at 6 different rinks in the last 3 days where I have watched some entertaining action on a few different levels and enjoyed every minute of it. Right now though, just when I need to write, I find my thoughts racing around like Bobby Orr on a penalty kill (hard to catch). With that said, the best I can do today is put down some random thoughts as they come to me and shoot from the hip or in this case the lip.

If the Panthers miss the playoffs color Jacques Martin gone, but please people stop the talk of trading Jokinen it’s not going to happen.

As smart as it would be for the Leafs to move Mats Sundin don’t expect it to happen as Sundin himself has said he wants to finish his career as a Maple Leaf.

Saw the U-18 Team USA in action against UMass the other night and even though they were outmatched and out-muscled by the older and more experienced UMass squad, the kids were fast and moved with precision on the ice. The future of U.S. Hockey looks bright.

Tip of the hat to Wes Walz. Thanks for the memories and best of luck in your life after hockey.

Will we actually see CuJo in an NHL jersey this season? Stay tuned.

Out of the top 10 in scoring so far, only Zetterberg (#5), Alfredsson (#6) and Stillman (#7) are on a team with a winning record.

The Blues, Bruins and Blackhawks have been pleasant surprises this year where as the Caps, Sabres, Flames and Kings have been well, not so pleasant.

The Stars have finally found the scoring touch and it has translated into wins.

Tough decisions lie ahead for the Lightning. Do you trade your leading scorer for the sake of the future? Do you trade your top D-man for help in the net? Do you fire your coach? Will any move have an impact on the sale of the team? Choose wisely my friends.

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