Thursday, December 20, 2007


The Holidays are upon us so it is time for my annual “NHL’s Christmas Wish List”. Sit back, relax and take a moment to lighten the load in this busy time of year. I wish all of you a safe and happy Holiday season. Enjoy!

Dear Santa,
In lieu of presents under my tree, this year I would like for you to give gifts to those who are in need. Please do the best you can to fulfill the following wishes listed here.

Thank you,

Please bring more power to the power play in Toronto, Nashville, St.Louis and Edmonton.

For the Caps just enough legs to actually skate for 60 minutes.

For Chris Simon a job in Ultimate Fighting so he can use all of his “talents” and not get suspended for them.

For Gary Bettman a visit from the ghosts of hockey past, present and future in the hopes that he will see the light and do some good for the league before it is too late. (I know, but it’s worth a shot)

More of whatever it is in the water in Detroit that makes the Red Wings so good.

Less of whatever it is in the water in Phoenix that makes them so bad.

A ton of consistency for the Lightning and Penguins so their stars can shine.

A rear view mirror for Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews so they can see Nicklas Backstrom coming. (Remember objects are closer than they appear)

Better judgment for Jiri Tlusty the next time someone wants to take his picture.

For the Rangers a chemistry set so they can find a formula to feel comfortable playing together.

Just one moment of peace away from the media for Saku Koivu.

Someone who is willing to step up for the Sabres in the 2nd half.

Enough gas for Kovalchuk and Zetterberg to score 50+ goals by seasons end.

A new muskrat pelt mullet for Brian Engblom his current one is looking a bit shabby these days.

For the Flames 10 more games just like the last 10 they played.

For the Devils more goals for than against in the 2nd half.

Some defensive help for the Canes so they can win those close ones.

Some road wins for the Lightning and Kings.

And finally for the League to dump the failed experiment of those hideous RBX jerseys that everyone hates and to remember that some things don’t need to be fixed.

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