Thursday, October 25, 2007


Just a little musical musing to start the day folks, as I find some lyrics to sum up some recent NHL happenings and show my age. Enjoy.

“Meet the new boss…same as the old boss” – The Who
The NHLPA hires Paul Kelly to head the union. Another lawyer in the mix – just what the game needed. Bob Goodenow simply calls him Mini-Me. Can’t wait for him and Bettman to clash in an epic battle of the geeks.

“I ain’t the reason you gave me no reason to return your call. You built a house of cards and got shocked when you saw them fall…You can’t take the effect and make it the cause.” – The White Stripes
Mismanagement in Atlanta, Toronto, Nashville and Edmonton has lead to one coach fired and several others on the hot seat. It’s time for some GM’s to feel the heat, don’t you think?

“See how he dances, see how he moves from side to side. See how he prances, the way his hooves just seem to glide. He’s just a one-trick pony, but he turns that trick with pride.” – Paul Simon
Year in and year out Tomas Holmstrom shows us all why he is at his best when he creates havoc in front of the opponents net. I’m sure, to a man; the Wings would all say he is the most valuable player on the team.

“You done lost your good thing now…” – B.B. King
A 3–5–0 start for the Buffalo Sabres suggests they may have made a few mistakes over the summer. What do you think?

“How you treat the weak is your true nature calling.” – Jane’s Addiction
The Carolina Hurricanes look poised to dominate the Southeast Division as every other team is struggling out of the gate.

“The kids are alright…the kids are alright.” – The Who
Patrick Kane and Jonathan Towes in Chicago and Andrew Cogliano and Sam Gagner in Edmonton are giving fans something to sing about early on this season.

“There’s a fog upon L.A. and my friends have lost their way…” – The Beatles
The Kings defensive woes continue to undo the hard work their forwards create for them. Some think the problem lies in the net, but the guys playing in front of the goaltender are more to blame. If the blue-line doesn’t turn things around soon, it will be a long season for Kings fans.

“Safe complaining, ‘cause everything’s rotten, go insane and ain’t a thing forgotten, feelin’ cozy, rats in the cellar, cheeks are rosy, skin’s turning yellow, losers party, lookin’ rather lazy, see my body, pushin’ up daisies…New York City blues…” – Aerosmith
The lack of scoring, team defense and any resemblance of chemistry have the Rangers searching for answers to the awful funk they are in to start the season. I had a feeling this would happen given their history of signing “Big Name” free agents and getting little bang for their buck.

“This is a thing I’ve never known before it’s called easy livin’…” – Uriah Heep
In Phoenix nothing is easy. Looks like another long season in the dessert for the dogs.

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