Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This morning nothing in particular is jumping out at me when I look around the league, instead several things of note are screaming for attention. So I will take a quick trip around and comment on my observations.

It seems the Rangers are having some chemistry issues – Drury on the 3rd line? Shanahan has zero goals? The most hyped team in the off-season is dwelling in the cellar in their division? I mean really, I questioned if the Rangers made a mistake back in July, but I didn’t think that they would struggle this much this early.

Win and they will come. Seems that is the message sent by Sabres fans as their home sellout streak comes to an end. Just kidding Sabres fans, Monday night games are hard to sellout that’s probably why you only have four of them this year.

“In some respects I suspect that you have a respectable side” – Jack White (of The White Stripes) Only I’m not sure that Jesse Boulerice could ever show that side of himself on a sheet of ice. Jordan Tootoo is next on the watch list as his recent play won’t go unnoticed by the league. A little respect will go long way boys, let’s think about the consequences before the decision to take an opponents head off.

Hockey fans in the U.S. – The NHL Network – Comcast has it – find it - get it – enough said.

The Kings need to solve their goaltending problem soon or else they will be out of the mix by mid November.

Going “Wild” in Minnesota. The tight defensive style still works for wins in this league, despite the push for more goal scoring, 5-0 and only giving up 4 goals is a feather in the cap for this system.

Some one please stop the bleeding! If your team is struggling to score goals just hope the Leafs are coming up on your schedule, they’re giving them away by the truckload.

Okay, so the Bruins hung in tough on their opening road trip, but let’s see how they play at home before we all eat crow for our doomsday predictions.

Blue Jackets need to find a 1st line center – maybe that was something they should have addressed over the summer?

Atlanta needs to find someone who can score. Anyone? Hello?

Through 6 games Sheldon Souray is only a minus 3. Are things looking up?

The Stars are 2-2-2 overall, 2-0-1 at home and 0-2-1 on the road, 16 goals scored and 16 goals surrendered. Is there a trend here?

Martin Gerber is earning his paycheck in Ottawa, haven’t heard an “on the block” rumor about him since the season started.

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