Friday, July 20, 2007


Buckle up people it’s going to be a bumpy ride this morning. The coffee is weak (very irritating) and I had an awful nights sleep the day before I start my vacation. With that said, I figured I’d take this opportunity to take a trip Around The Rink and point out some things I’ve noticed recently that made me go hmmm….

Mikka Kiprusoff rejected a contract offer from the Flames and is talking about testing the market next year. It looks like Iron Mike is already making waves with his top goaltender. Where have we seen this before??

Let me get this straight. Nashville Predators owner Craig Leipold wants to sell the team citing profit losses due to the lack of local corporate support, now a corporate lead team of local investors and city officials want to buy the team to keep them in Nashville? What’s wrong with this picture??

Am I the only one who thought it strange that Rick Tocchet and Janet Gretzky were among celebrities that took part in the World Poker Tournament? Very curious don’t you think??

Based on being overpaid for his performances the last several seasons, why on earth is Alexei Yashin whining about interested teams “low-balling” him? For that matter, why is any team interested in him??

With the Bruins recently picking up Peter Schaefer in a trade, do they really need P.J. Axlesson? Smells to me like another move pending. Hmmm….

What are Eric Lindros, Mike Ricci, Trevor Linden, Tony Amonte, Peter Bondra, Ed Belfour and Jason Allison waiting for?

The Edmonton Oilers, brought to you by Rexall Pharmaceuticals?

Am I the only one who found it eerie that Brent Sutter was hired as coach of the Devils on Friday the 13th?

Will the Victoria Cup be a big splash or a big dud? Does anyone in the U.S. even know about the Victoria Cup?

How come no one is praising the Capitals for their off-season moves??

What the hell am I going to do for a week at a cabin on a lake in upper Vermont without cell phone and computer access?? A ton of fishing I guess.

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