Thursday, July 12, 2007


I Woke up this morning a little dazed and made some unbelievably strong coffee (3 too many scoops, I think), I can almost chew it. Anyway, now that it is pumping through my veins, I am sitting here (twitching) with nothing to do but think. So I figured I’d put some of my ramblings on a post and let you in on the madness (lucky you). DISCLAIMER: Remember, if the following seems incoherent or from another planet DO NOT adjust your computer screen it is only the coffee talking.

Just sitting here wondering …..

If the St. Louis Blues win the Stanley Cup and no one is there to see it, do they really win?

With Nylander and Kozlov now helping Ovechkin, will he score 60 goals next season?

If the Bruins continue to tank for the next two years they could have a shot at John Tavares, is that the plan??

Will any team really fork out upwards of $6 million for Sheldon Souray and his –28?

Do we all agree that $8.7 million per year is a fair price to pay for the best player in hockey?

Do we all agree that $10 million is too much to pay Vanek next year?

Will Owen Nolan really be the answer to the Flames scoring woes?

Now that Jeremy Roenick has retired, are we going to have to listen to him and Brett Hull on NBC?

If I continue to drink this sludge will it give me an aneurysm?

Does anyone still think Vincent Lecavalier’s contract is too expensive?

How long will it be before Patrick Roy is coaching in the NHL?

How bad can Ted Nolan’s luck can get?

Is Barry Melrose’s hair really a helmet?

Will someone tell Brian Engblom that his hairdo isn’t working for him? Please? Anyone?

Will Kleenex sponsor the Hall of Fame induction ceremony during Messier’s speech?

What will be the next stupid camera trick Versus uses to put viewers “in the game”? The puck cam? The skate cam? Oh God, not the jock cam??

Will there actually be a team stupid enough to sign Yashin?

Will Chris Chelios still be playing when he’s 50?

If the Maple Leafs win the cup will the Toronto media be speechless?

Is playing in Edmonton really that bad??

Who will breakdown first? Sutter, Keenan or Kiprusoff?

If the Kings make the playoffs, will their fans quit whining about Lombardi?

Are the Flyers really a worst to first kind of team yet?

If I keep drinking this sludge, will my hair fall out?

Will anyone be able to stop the Rangers power play?

Will Kevin Lowe still have a job this time next year?

Will next season be our last chance to go see Joe Sakic play?

If they bring back Peter Puck for next season, can they get Mike Emrick to do the voice?

Will Sidney Crosby get more than 130 points next season?

How many times will Pronger get suspended next year?

Has the ringing in McAmmond’s ears stopped yet?

Should I make another pot of coffee?

Does anyone else get a headache when you look directly at one of Don Cherry’s suits?

Can we add Don Cherry’s wardrobe to the list of the New 7 Wonders of The World?

What is it going to take to get Glenn Anderson into the Hall?

Will Doug Willson show Souray the way to San Jose?

Is Ryan Smyth really the answer for the Avs?

Will we ever decide exactly what is a “distinct kicking motion”?

Why does it take 2 sets of eyes now to miss the same calls 1 set used to?

I’m getting dizzy and the screen is starting to talk back to me….I think I need to go lie down….what does a coma feel like?

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