Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I hope that everyone is having a safe and wonderful Holiday Season in these tough times in which we all live. While on my holiday break from posting, I have been watching a ton of games and figured that I’d post a few thoughts just before the new-year begins. Enjoy!

Isn’t it strange when a player just seems to flourish under a certain coach? Case and point: Ryder and Julien.

I don’t really care that Ovechkin chews tobacco; as a matter of fact I wouldn’t care if drank like a fish, chased after women or hung out at the casino as long as he continues to be the most exciting player to watch. Remember that boys will be boys.

It’s good to see Jonathan Quick getting a shot along with former Hockey East rival Corey Schnieder. I hope they can stick.

I hope that the Hawks were just playing possum with the Wings in that Winter Classic preview.

I can’t wait for that Bruins vs. Sharks match-up on the schedule! Will Lemieux be a factor or a farce by then? Hmmm…

Come on Toronto, you can’t keep playing decently and end up seeing Tavares in a Leafs sweater next year. Just look at the Isles for the formula.

Swapping Kovalchuk for Gaborik won’t do either club or player any good, forget that one folks.

Well I hope you all have a great New Year and check back in 2009 for upcoming posts continuing the series: Celebrating 100 Years of Habs Hockey.

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