Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Now that the dust has settled and the first round is complete, I want to take a moment and reflect on what was an interesting opening round of the NHL playoffs before jumping into my predications for round two (check in tomorrow for my 2nd round picks). There were some surprises, disappointments and downright head scratching moments that I have just got to share with you. (Oh, lucky you!)


The Ducks – I can’t figure out why a team built for the playoffs was not ready to play come playoff time. Okay, will you please stay retired this time Scotty and Teemu?

The Caps –I’m not disappointed with the run only the result and the vanishing 2nd round match-up with the Pens (that would have been fun).

Marion Gaborik – 1 assist? Enough said.


The Bruins –Saved their best hockey of the year for the playoffs. Watched this team all year and never saw them play so sound as they did in games 2 through 6. Finding a “real” goal scorer to play with Savard should be the focus going forward.

The Preds – Here is a team that has been labeled generic by most, but I’d bet if you asked any of the Wings they’d tell you a different story.

Roenick and Nolan – The two oldest guys on the ice were the two best players on the ice in Game 7. A tip of the hat to the old farts, how about that?

The Head Scratching Moments

Sean Avery – What the hell was that all about? You have enough skill to where you don’t have to pull idiot stunts like that and yet you do. I don’t like the idea of the new rule being called the “Sean Avery Rule” that solidifies his name in the history of the sport forever for garbage play. Can’t we just call it the “Don’t Be A Fuckin’ Tool Rule” and try to erase it from our memories.

Jaromir Jagr – I’m not as superstitious as some and yet I understand the whole playoff beard thing, but come on Jags, a Hitler mustache? Really? Is that necessary? I think it’s safe to say that look was forever ruined. Please try and fix your face for round two, okay?

Ovechkin – Let’s see….it’s Game 7….the series on the line….the game is tied….you are the leading goal scorer on your team….the leading goal scorer in the league….the puck is on your stick….in the high slot….the goalie is out of position….AND YOU PASS THE PUCK????….WHAT WERE YOU THINKING MAN????….SHOOT THE PUCK!!!!….YOU SCORE GOALS….THAT’S WHAT YOU DO FOR A LIVING….have a nice summer.

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