Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well folks, it seems to be one of those mornings. You know the kind I mean…where the coffee tastes like it was made using a hockey glove as a filter, but you just have to keep pouring it down your gullet because the dog woke you up hours too early doing the “pee-pee dance” at the door. The kind where you wake up your 10 year old daughter by crabbing at the dog while you let him out and she gives you a huge good morning hug and then tells you “Did Mom tell you? I have pink eye!” The kind of morning when you make a mad dash for the sink to sanitize your face after the deadly pink eye hug with Windex or Comet or whatever is closest, only to have the toxic coffee churning through your system pick right then to act like Ex-lax. Yes that kind, where you find yourself doing “the dance” outside the bathroom door because your 14 year old son is in there doing "God only knows what" for the next twenty minutes and you are left with nothing but time to kick yourself in the ass for not building that 2nd bathroom and wondering if the boy made the coffee. Yeah baby! It’s one of those mornings.

So forgive me if the rest of this post seems to carry a “tone”, but if you’ve ever had one of those mornings, I’m sure you’ll understand. Thank God there is hockey. Sometimes it seems to be the only shred of normalcy I get all day. My reward for going through the “Morning From Hell” is everyone leaves and it’s just myself and the Bruins vs. Caps game that was recorded last night. Ahhh….time to relax and enjoy. Right? Wrong! It seems that the timer on the DVR was set for 7:00am and is currently recording a fishing show. ARRRRRGH!! How could this day get any worse? Well then Spanky, I’ll tell you how. The game that didn’t get recorded only featured the Caps burning the B’s for 10 goals in which Ovechkin nets a first period hat trick to push him over 50, Backstrom passes Kane with a 4 point night and my 3 favorite former Hershey Bears Green, Schultz and Fehr had an awesome game. To top it off I also missed Brashear mixing it up with Chara and Thornton. “What the…..??” The cat just hacked up something unidentifiable on the carpet! Just great! Maybe at this point I should call in sick to work out of fear of getting my balls caught in a machine or something equally as horrific.

Well I guess I should look on the bright side. Things could be much worse. I mean at least I’m not Tim Thomas. So I’ve got that going for me. I wonder how his day is going. Anyway, I’m planning on bouncing back from my rocky start and I’m sure that Tim Thomas is planning the same thing only he’s hoping that Ference and Ward play better in front of him tonight. My biggest worry left in front of me for the day is making sure the timer on the DVR is set right to record tonight’s game and being extra vigilant not to get my balls caught in a machine at work. I guess when faced with days like this all you can do is laugh. Enjoy!

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