Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Watching Sidney Crosby play this year makes me think he is missing something. Not anything in his own game (he already possesses more than his fair share), but if you think about what made Wayne Gretzky “The Great One” a case can be made that it was the luxury of having Jari Kurri. Sid the kid needs his own Jari Kurri. That missing piece to the puzzle for the Pens could be the key to lofting Crosby to heights we haven’t seen in decades.

Imagine for a moment Sid playing along side a fast gifted scoring winger who seems to be in the right places at the right times (not that Sid couldn’t get him the puck no matter where he was). Imagine how Crosby’s creative genius could expand if he new he had someone riding shotgun who can put the puck in the net more often than not. Now picture in your mind a player who could bring that kind of dynamic, speed and talent to help Sid reach the outer limits. Who did you see? Is he reasonably available? Does he have a no trade clause?

I’ll tell you who I saw, Marian Hossa. He could possibly be available if the Thrashers fail to resign him and he has the speed dynamic and talent that would compliment Crosby’s and make them a lethal combination. Now imagine how much production the two of them could generate playing together and how dangerous the power play would be adding Malkin on the left side. Yes folks Sidney Crosby needs his own Jari Kurri and the planets are aligning to where there could be a chance for the Pens to get one for next year or even by the deadline this year.

Yes this is all imaginary and the Pens could have no interest in picking up Hossa and have someone else in mind or no one at all, but I can’t help but think this is a golden opportunity for them and one they should seriously consider. Hossa could be Crosby’s Kurri and just what he needs to actually reach the bar Gretzky set (or at least get within a sniff). If the Pens pass on Hossa, the need for a player of his caliber remains and the help Crosby needs becomes more apparent.

Well, I imagined Hossa. Who did you see? Let me know who you think should be riding shotgun to “The Kid” and what you would give up to get them.

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